• This is "Magnificent Manapad" !

About Manapad !

We have explored some of the most exotic locales around the globe and more so within India. Whilst there are numerous popular destinations that have been commercially exploited, there still exist some truly breathe taking, serene locations that are relatively unexplored.

One such amazing revelation is the quaint coastal village called "Manapad".

Manapad is a small hamlet that is nestled between naturally formed sand dunes on one side and encircled by clear blue seas on three sides. The naturally formed hillock converges into the sea resulting in an unique point which has been formed due to ancient lava flow that extends well into the ocean.

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This inimitable natural splendor also provides a great location for adventure water sports and fascinating leisure activities. It is also remarkable to note that Manapad is entrenched in history as one of the places for the advent and spread of Christianity in India. It's towering churches and European themed castles still adorn the narrow lanes of this coastal village. Manapad is also surrounded by many other places that are of great religious, heritage and tourism significance.

This pristine hamlet, with all its beauty and majesty stands still, without being noticed for all its gorgeous features and distinctive location. We therefore felt it apt to refer to this blissful place as "Magnificent Manapad".

We have embarked on a visionary zeal to unearth the beauty of this immaculate location and promote this as a holistic travel and tourism destination.

Through this initiative, we are training the local community in vocational skills that would enhance their livelihood. Protecting the natural habitat and consciously safeguarding the rich cultural heritage of the region would be of prime significance while we embark on this journey.