• Social Responsibility is a Central Thought

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our strategy was two pronged. One was to unearth the great natural beauty and tourism potential of Manapad. Secondly, we wanted to empower the unemployed youth of Manapad to recognize their potential and provide them training in alternate skills which would improve their economic and social living conditions. We consider this as our social entrepreneurship mission and are slowly working towards realizing our long term goals.

We have now selected young boys from the local community who have been trained in surfing and other related safety first aid and rescue techniques. They are now working as Surfing guides for guests who come to Manapad for Surfing, Kite boarding, Stand Up Paddle and related activities.

Our tourism initiative has encouraged entrepreneurship amongst the local community and has motivated them to start small business ventures like restaurants, snack bars, transport services, handicraft stalls etcetera.

We have identified youth from the village who have completed their post school education and have been assisting them in gaining employment in reputed organizations in metropolitan cities.

We are also providing additional technical skills training at reputed training institutes for qualified youth in order to make them employable in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

We have initiated an "English language and Communication" training program for qualified youth in order to help them build self confidence and make them perform better in their professional careers.

We have provided financial assistance to economically backward children by sponsoring their school education.

We are also embarking on a holistic education program for the local community. The entire village populace would gradually be educated in proper health and hygiene standards that could provide them overall better living conditions.